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Our vision is to create artists !

“The Art Over the Centuries” Foundation was founded in 2018. Our basic long term mission is development of the plastic and visual arts, support freelance artists in Bulgaria and to encourage education in the field of culture. Creating communities, in which the art is a unifying factor and a valuable resource in communication between people. You can read more about the Foundations activities…HERE


Biennial of Contemporary Art - Plovdiv  2022

Biennial of Contemporary Art - Plovdiv is an international forum for contemporary art, which aims to present postmodern trends in the development of visual arts in the globally changing world, the transforming borders and cultural perceptions in the context of the messages of the new social order, in which we all live today. On both floors of the House of Culture "Boris Hristov" will be presented authors from the genres of painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, digital arts, photography and all non-conventional forms of modern art. You will have the opportunity to attend a live disquisition with the authors, a scientific conference and the announcement of the awarded authors. More about the upcoming event you can read HERE

Admission is free.



Results so far 

Approved “Resonance of the Senses” project by component civic activity of the Municipality of Plovdiv.

One project that reveals the secret of carving and music as an influence and therapy for the contemporary society. Its associative influence, visualized through the expressive means of painting.

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Carving as part of the project "Your Lesson" in Razgrad

An event realized in cooperation with the High School of Clothing and Design "Stanka Nikolitsa Spaso-Elenina" Razgrad, in which students experienced carving as a technique directly as participants.

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Carving as part of the project "Your Lesson" in Panagyurishte

Training in technique of carving for students from the art group of High school "Nesho Bonchev". The Carving has taken a worthy place in the classes of art also.

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Won Project  GoogleAdGrants

Grant funding for advertising.

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Who we are 

Our vision is to create artists

Georgi Mitev

Аssistant professor, musician, composer and teacher in The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Maria Argirova

Financier, Culture Manager

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Dinko Nenov


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Doctor Todor Stoev

 Teacher in Medical university in Plovdiv and in the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts .

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Contact us

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